About Artist:

Art is my lifetime hobby and dream, but I had not been quite persistent. In 2005, I had a near-death experience, but I somehow had pulled out of it. The incident could be fortunate, in a way, as my whole perspective toward life has some how changed. I cannot stop feeling that I am still here for some reason, and it is my destiny to find it. As I am sure, at least, the art has been my passion throughout my life, I came to conclusion that I am left here to pursue my own creation, and doing so actively and diligently since.

Art to me is more self-discovery; therefore, my artworks are reflection of myself in one way or another. This is a reason why I call my Art 'Monologue Art'. Even though I have been a resident of Canada for a quite a while, my heart never has left home country, Japan, and Japanese cultural influence on my artworks are obvious whatever I do.

Even through I have very little public exposure so far, my artworks have started to be noticed more and more for its uniqueness and creativity. I have done numerous book cover and page illustration, movie poster and commission paintings.

I will gladly accept all reviewers and opinions and hope you enjoy my artworks.

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